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How to Understand and Set Your Boundaries in Your Relationships with Mary Beth Somich, LPC

Do you struggle saying NO to family members, friends, or romantic partners? Do you hold back because you don’t want to ruin the relationship? You find yourself having trouble asserting your boundaries. Then this is the episode for you Justine speaks to Licensed Professional Counselor Mary Beth Somich on how to understand and set boundaries in your relationships. Mary Beth defines boundaries as, “Limits that you set with yourself and others to protect your peace”. Mary Beth shares her expertise in family dynamics and how our family of origin can impact how we grow up and how we set boundaries.

This episodes dives into:

  • Why boundaries are important for us to maintain relationships.
  • How to recognize when someone crosses your boundaries.
  • Family of Origin and boundaries.
  • Differentiation and enmeshment in relationships.
  • How to establish, change or create new boundaries with people.

Guest Info:

Connect with Mary Beth Somich on Instagram @yourjourneythrough or her website here.

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