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How Your Family of Origin Influences Who You Pick as a Partner with Ruth Rosen Cohen, LCSW

This is a very special episode as I got to sit down with my clinical supervisor to pick her brain on her area of expertise which is families and relationships. Families are your first source of social contact, they teach you how to live, how to interact with others, and how to make your way in the world. They are also the first group of people you learn to trust. As such, your family of origin is largely responsible for your thought patterns and behavior, especially when it comes to relationships. Because it is literally the basis from which you develop, your family of origin has a large impact on you and your life. In this episode we dive into how your family of origin influences who you pick as a partner.

This episodes dives into:

  • Bowenian family therapy and how it can be applied to individuals and couples.
  • How our parents and family systems as a child and teen can impact our choice in romantic partners.
  • Examples on how people take unhealthy habits or patterns from the families they grew up in
  • Examples on helpful habits or patterns that are taken from your family of original into your relationship.
  • How to  see when your own baggage from your FOI comes up in conflict with your partner.

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