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Therapy for Young Adults

Therapy for Young Adults in Westchester, NY

Young adulthood is the time in our life with the most changes in comparison to our entire lifespan. It is when we are trying to establish ourselves as individuals, separate from our families and perhaps even the town we grew up in. We are faced with endless opportunities and the freedom may feel scary. Some young adults have feelings of anxiety and depression due to the level of independence and feeling a lack of direction.

As a therapist in Westchester, I help young adults struggling with:

  • finding meaningful friendships
  • finding meaningful romantic relationships
  • adapting to a college environment
  • adjustment to graduating college
  • lack a sense of direction
  • lack a sense of identity
  • family conflicts
  • poor coping mechanisms
  • ambivalence about career choices
  • difficulty making decisions
  • generalized anxiety disorder
  • social anxiety disorder
  • panic attacks
  • fear of vomiting
  • perfectionistic thinking patterns
  • depression
  • low self-esteem

Our work together can help you feel grounded during a time of important decision making and change.

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