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As a therapist in Westchester, NY, I provide individual, family and couples therapy and help you work through challenges from a family systems framework. How we interact in our present day relationships is highly influenced by how we were raised and the people who raised us. We learn how to communicate and relate to others through our early family experiences. These patterns can be changed and adapted to help us thrive in our current relationships.


The clients I work with have come to the point that they can't stand the way things have been going and are desperate for a change.

Their levels of anxiety or depression have become stifling and they have developed negative ways of coping with these emotions. They want to stop the fighting and disconnection that shows up in their families. They want to feel in control of their life again. They are up at night thinking of ways they can fix their problems, but they don't know how to or where to start.

That’s where I come in. We’ll work together to help you gain more awareness around your thoughts and behaviors in order to help you get unstuck. I’ll also teach you new strategies for managing your feelings and improving your relationships.

My priority is creating a safe space for you to be yourself. I pride myself on my interactive style and creating strong connections with all of my clients. I believe that having this therapeutic relationship will help you get the most out of our work together.


My therapy services

Anxiety Coaching

I help my coaching clients with ruminating thoughts, boundaries, and protecting your time.
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Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues impacting people today. However, it’s also one of the most treatable.
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Therapy for Depression

Depression can leave you feeling like you’re in a fog. But you don’t have to keep living this way—it is possible to find joy again.
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Family Therapy

I’m extremely passionate about making home a peaceful place. That's why I offer therapy for families throughout the state of New York.
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Grief Counseling

I have a unique skill set for helping teenagers that have lost their parent. It is something that I'm deeply passionate about.
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Therapy for Teens

Being a teenager is one of the most challenging times in our life span, and teen therapy can help your teen manage change.
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Therapy for Young Adults

I help young adults feel grounded during a time of important decision making, transitions, and change.
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I offer workshops on various mental health issues.
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