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The Path to Peace

A step by step mini course to help you create your unique anxiety management routine in just seven days.
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Are you ready to have a simple daily mental health routine that leaves you feeling grounded so you can feel better about yourself and your relationships, and actually have some more down time without the guilt?

You’ve been craving self-care rituals (that you can actually stick to!) and a state of mind free from worry and racing thoughts. You want the tools that will allow you to approach your day with confidence and ease.

For the first time ever...

I am sharing the exact process that I use with my 1:1 clients in my private practice that has resulted in them telling me that they feel like “a new person” because of implementing the tools they have learned from our work together.

The Path to Peace is a step by step online program proven to help the overachieving, people pleasing, perfectionists gain control over racing thoughts, manage overwhelming feelings of anxiety and craft a self-care practice to optimize their mental health through evidence-based treatment methods. These strategies will leave you with a sense of freedom from your own thoughts, help you live more presently and make decisions out of intention instead of fear.

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This program can help you can go from...

Doing everything for everyone all of the time


Choosing to do only what is in alignment with your values, priorities and own needs.

Living in your own head


Becoming more grounded and peaceful in your body.

Your worries ruling your day


Taking more control over what thoughts will impact your feelings.

My friend...

I know you're exhausted.

You're exhausted from...

  • Overthinking about everything.
  • Feeling pressure to do life perfectly.
  • Being stuck in perpetual indecision.
  • Putting everyone else’s feelings before your own.

I have good news for you. You can still be liked, loved, and successful without stacking your schedule to the point of burnout. You no longer have to say "yes" to everything out of fear of disappointing people. You can learn to stop fixating on every scenario or interaction in your day and let go of the need to do everything "right" all the time.

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Here's what's included.

You will receive a concise video series where I walk you through step by step how to practice mindfulness, reframe unhelpful thought patterns that lead to anxiety, gain some control over your anxious mind, create a personal mental health routine and set boundaries with your relationships and time.

Your Tool: I’ve included a goal setting template to help you start to implement these strategies.

The five most effective evidence based strategies to help you manage worry, panic and anxiety that have been tested and refined for years in my private therapy practice.

Your Tool: The Habit Tracker. I provide you with a tracker that helps you replace unhealthy coping mechanisms with healthier habits.

Easy to implement mindfulness techniques that are proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and ease racing thoughts that take 5 minutes a day!

Your Tool: Guided Relaxation for Mindfulness. I’ve even included a 12 minute guided meditation designed to help you to ease tension and release worry thoughts.

A unique method derived from cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that helps you replace negative thoughts and beliefs with helpful thought patterns for both instant and long term anxiety relief.

Your Tool: Affirmations for the People Pleasing, Perfectionistic, Overachiever. Included are over 40 affirmations to ease typical worries of the people pleasing, overachieving perfectionist.

Learn a strategy that helps you choose whether or not you listen to your anxious thoughts and gain more control over how you react to your feelings of anxiety.

Your Tool: Give Your Anxious Mind a Name. You will have access to a unique guide to help you personify the anxious part of your mind.

A step by step guide to create and implement a short, simple and highly personalized daily self-care practice that you can stick to and leads to massive long term results.

Your Tool: Creating Your Personal Mental Health Routine. I’ve included a customizable template to help you create your personal wellness routine.

A process for auditing the two areas of your life that need boundaries, determining what you must implement to reclaim your time and energy, and how to say no without feelings of guilt or fear.

Your Tool: How to Set Effective Boundaries. You will have access to versatile scripts for setting clear boundaries with people that can be used to help you get your needs met.


Bonus Tools!

  • Learn about the fight or flight response and its role in anxiety
  • A deep breathing script
  • The path of thoughts, feelings and actions 
  • Ways to challenge unhelpful thoughts
  • The most common thinking traps
  • A creative tool to help you separate from your anxious thoughts
  • Four Tips to Free Up Your Time
  • Common Fears About Boundary Setting
  • How to Find a Therapist

Here’s what you can look forward to with “The Path to Peace."

Instant access to psycho-educational mental health support if you are on a waitlist for therapy. Learn easy to implement daily steps and tips for managing your anxiety. Calm ruminating thoughts with methods that are backed by science. Learn simple alternative ways to practice mindfulness (meditation isn’t the only way!). Prioritize your own needs to feel less burnout and become more present in your life.

Overbooking your schedule, reading all the self-help books out there and listening to all of the wellness podcasts under the sun is not helping your anxiety. If you are ready for a shift, I would love to support you in this journey towards your wellness.

About Me

Hey, I’m Justine! I am a licensed mental health counselor with over 10 years of clinical experience in treating anxiety disorders and I have a private practice based in New York. I’ve been featured on the top charting Self-Helpless Podcast, News 12, Calm, Cool & Connected TV Show, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Huffington Post and hired as a wellness speaker for employees of Lockheed Martin.

As an anxiety expert, I’ve learned what works for reducing anxiety, what doesn’t work (and what can make anxiety worse), and the best ways to implement simple changes that lead to massive improvement in your mental health.

As much as I would absolutely love to help everyone out there who is struggling with anxiety, there is only one of me. That’s why I created a program that makes managing difficult emotions more accessible. “The Path to Peace” is not therapy, but it is a curated program that includes my favorite evidence-based methods for managing anxiety and overcoming perfectionism and can be used on it’s own or alongside a committed therapy practice.

This program is exactly what you need to...

Cut to the chase and see results (you want to know what to do, how to do it, and start reaping the benefits).

This is not a fluffy course with a lot of theory or methodology to sift through or loads of random homework and exercises to try and squeeze in. You get the tools delivered to you instantly and you put them to work. Today.

You’re the kind of person who likes to get straight to the point and get to work with making changes and setting goals for yourself.

You’re an independent, self-starter and you are all in with anything you try to accomplish.

You understand that feelings are an essential part of being human, but the way you are currently coping with anxiety is not working for you.

You are in an emotional crisis. You will need to engage in therapy to treat your symptoms with a live licensed mental health professional. 

You are feeling suicidal or have passive suicidal thoughts. Stop reading this and dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. You can also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.

You are looking for online therapy. This is a step by step psychoeducational program that will teach you effective skills but you will not be able to process them as you would in psychotherapy.

The value

You’re getting access to a thoughtfully curated sample of the kind of methods my private clients receive in my 1:1 therapy practice.

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Path to Peace Testimonials

"I had the opportunity to complete the “The Path to Peace” course by Justine Carino. These mini-sessions were incredibly beneficial; each chapter provided me with actionable steps to help manage my day-to-day anxiety. As a mom of 4 little kids and founder of a company, I must navigate through multiple tasks during the day. Still, in just seven days, I learned the importance of taking care of my well-being while being mindful of my anxiety. I recommend that all mompreneurs juggling motherhood and their businesses take this course. It'll help you to understand your path and acquire an additional skillset to become a better version of yourself."
Sara, Mom & Entrepreneur
“Justine’s course, Path to Peace, is unlike any other courses available today. Justine crafted a unique offering to support anyone faced with anxiety. The insights, resources, and techniques embedded within the course will support you in managing your symptoms whether it’s been something you’ve struggled with for years or as a result of the pandemic or other recent challenges. Everyone should sign up for Justine’s course as there truly is something for all!”
Alyssa, 20-Something Graduate Student
“Justine’s program hits the nail on the head. Tools to combat my anxiety were presented in a way in which I felt I could truly approach, and use successfully in my everyday life."
Brittany, Mom of 2
“Justine's guided meditation in the course is the perfect pause to be present during my busy day as a stay at home mom. It leaves me feeling relaxed, recharged and ready to start my day.”
Kim, 30-Something Mom of Toddler


Do you offer implementation support?

There is no client support outside of you receiving “The Path to Peace.” However, I do provide a guide at the end of this course of how to engage in psychotherapy in your area if you feel you need the support after completing the course.

Do you offer refunds?

I do not offer refunds. This is my intellectual property that took years to build, refine, and test for efficacy.

Is this a replacement for therapy?

No! This is not virtual therapy. This is not a substitute for seeking help from a licensed mental health professional. This is a psychoeducational course that will provide you with coping mechanisms to help you manage anxiety on your own, at your own pace.


THE Path to Peace (“The Course”) IS OWNED AND OPERATED BY JUSTINE CARINO CONSULTING, LLC (“The Company”). The Course is made available by the Company for educational purposes only, giving you a general understanding of mental health therapy and any general information about the Company, not to provide specific mental health or medical advice. The Company and/or licensed representative(s) is NOT providing any specific advice and should not be in any way construed to be medical advice or therapy. The Company is NOT a medical facility, therapy facility or clinical facility and strictly provides educational information and content only. If you need a licensed mental health professional, you should contact a licensed mental health professional in your relevant jurisdiction.  

By viewing this Course, you understand that there is no therapist-patient or doctor-patient relationship between you and the Company. Further, no download or purchase of any materials or resource made available as a result of purchasing and viewing this Course should be considered as medical advice or therapy in any capacity.  No statement contained in this Course or any website or social media platform affiliated with the Company, should be interpreted or relied upon as medical advice or therapy.

By viewing this Course, you understand that there is no therapist-patient or doctor-patient relationship between you and the Company. Further, no download or purchase of any materials or resource made available as a result of purchasing and viewing this Course should be considered as medical advice or therapy in any capacity.  No statement contained in this Course or any website or social media platform affiliated with the Company, should be interpreted or relied upon as medical advice or therapy.