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A Journey From Anxiety and Panic Attacks for Recovery with Emily Johnson, founder of Buddy Mind Coach App

It’s a normal part of life to experience occasional feelings of anxiety. Anxiety can show up in many ways, but when it starts affecting our everyday lives it can seem overwhelming and hard to manage. In this episode, I talk with Emily Johnson, founder of Buddy Mind Coach App. Emily has personally struggled with anxiety and panic attacks throughout her twenties and she walks us through her journey of what worked, what didn’t work and how her experience eventually helped her create the “Buddy” platform to make mental health more accessible to everyone.

This episode dives into:

  • Emily’s personal journey with anxiety.
  • Emily’s first panic attack and how it felt.
  • Managing and Coping with anxiety.
  • Therapy as a tool to help with anxiety treatment.
  • Tangible tips for managing anxiety.
  • Emily’s Buddy platform to increase accessibility for mental health.

Connect with Emily on Instagram @buddymindcoach or her website here.