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“I’m An Adult Child of an Alcoholic” with host Justine Carino, LMHC

In this week’s episode, I practice vulnerability by sharing my experience of being an adult child of an alcoholic. Although hesitant to open up, I found it important to share this part of my story as it is relevant to many other individuals. 1 in 8 adults in America meet criteria for an alcohol use disorder. 1 in 4 families are impacted by a family member who struggles with alcoholism. Also, more than 10% of children in the U.S. live with a parent with an alcohol use disorder. Many are affected in one way or another. Today I chose to share my story so others can know they’re not alone.

This episodes dives into:

  • How I learned my father was an alcoholic.
  • My father’s adverse childhood experiences and their impact on his disease.
  • Alcohol as a learned coping skill for managing trauma related pain.
  • The importance of boundaries in alcoholic families.
  • Divorced family systems.
  • What I learned from going to therapy.
  • Common traits shared by adult children of alcoholics.
  • Al-Anon support groups.
  • My father’s journey to sobriety.

Guest Info:

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