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"Adulting with ADHD" with Jamie McLaughlin

I was so honored to talk with Jaime McLaughlin @themachouseco, lifestyle coach for moms, self-care strategist and beauty expert.  In this episode, Jaime vulnerably shares her story of being diagnosed with ADHD in her thirties.  She dives into the challenging experiences she faced throughout her life without awareness of this diagnosis, as well as what led her to seek testing and treatment for her challenges. Jamie shares her powerful message throughout this episode of the importance of listening to your intuition and the importance of learning to take care of yourself.  

This episodes dives into:

  • What  ADHD is.
  • Jaime’s unique experience of being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult.
  • How trauma and anxiety have impacted Jaime’s life.
  • Jaime symptoms of ADHD and how they impacted her life as a kid and entrepreneur.
  • How medication enhanced her life and treated her symptoms.
  • Jaime’s advice to twenty somethings who struggle with ADHD.
  • Justine & Jamie discuss different therapies that have been supportive for Jamie.

Guest Info:

Connect with Jamie on Instagram @themachouseco or her website here.