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"Healthy Ways to Separate from Your Toxic Family" with Monica DiCristina, LPC

I sat down with therapist, writer, and podcast host Monica DiCristina, LPC.  Monica and I dive into the topic of unhealthy family patterns.  Monica shares how we sometimes find ourselves needing to set tough boundaries or even separate completely from our family of origin.  This can be an incredibly challenging experience, so Monica and I discuss what this looks like and how to navigate it from a place of strength to honor your needs.  This is an episode you won’t want to miss out on!

This episodes dives into:

  • How adult relationships and attachment patterns can clue us into uncovering our family’s unhealthy patterns.
  • Tips to begin to tune in and recognize the effects of unhealthy family dynamics.
  • The emotional map and the challenge of grieving people who are alive.
  • The complexities and emotional challenges of setting boundaries with family members.
  • The differences between boundaries, distance, and cut-offs.
  • The troubles of triangulation and requirements of true healing within a family system.
  • How to maintain a relationship while holding boundaries.
  • Cultural and ethnic considerations within family systems and boundaries.

Guest Info:

You can connect with Monica on Instagram at @monicadicristina or her website here.