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"Emotional Considerations of Dating During the Pandemic" with Maayan Tregerman, LCSW-R

On today’s episode, I get to share with you the insights from a dear friend and licensed psychotherapist Maayan Tregerman, LCSW. Maayan’s clinical work focuses on treating depression, anxiety, and adjustment issues with a specialization in “adulting”, relationships and parenthood. She also serves as the Assistant Clinical Director at the 5th Avenue Counseling Center in New York City. With Maayan’s plethora of wisdom and experience, she shares insights into dating during the pandemic. We discuss how different and difficult dating has been for singles throughout the past year. Maayan shares her perspective on how to address the need for both connection and intimacy while maintaining safety. Tune in to learn more!

This episodes dives into:

  • Weighing the value of social distancing and that of connection and intimacy.
  • Reflecting on your capacity to be alone.
  • “Cuffing season” during the pandemic.
  • Rediscovering and redefining what intimacy means.
  • Mindfully dating vs. impulsive dating.
  • Navigating trust in relationships.
  • Recognizing your own boundaries surrounding dating in the pandemic.
  • The future of dating in the “post-pandemic” era.

Guest Info:

Connect with Maayan Tregerman, LCSW on her website here.

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