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“How Childhood Loss Shows Up in Adulthood” With Anne-Marie Conlan, LMHC

I am so grateful to sit down with friend and old co-worker Anne-Marie Conlan in today’s episode. Anne-Marie is a licensed mental health counselor specializing in bereavement support and is the director of the Bereavement Center of Westchester. Anne-Marie and I talk about the impacts of childhood loss and the reality of the continuous processing that is required throughout the stages of life. Anne-Marie shares her knowledge regarding bereavement and the importance of seeking support from a counselor.

This episodes dives into:

  • Anne-Marie debunks the myths surrounding grief counseling.
  • Understanding and defining grief.
  • Childhood loss and how processing this loss may be long term.
  • Anne-Marie shares her own story of loss in her young adult years.
  • Childhood loss and the possible shifts in perspectives regarding life.
  • Life cycles stages and the impact of continual grief.
  • The distinction between loss in early childhood versus teenage years.
  • Factors that impact the grieving process.
  • Finding new meaning and purpose and accepting a new path.
  • Anne-Marie’s advice for recent loss, those experiencing loss and those supporting others.

Guest Info:

Connect with Anne-Marie Conlan, LMHC on Instagram @thebcwtreeehouse or his website here.

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