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"Emotions in Divorce" with Olivia Howell

Let’s face it, there are a lot of emotions to unpack when going through a divorce and they’re not usually easy to talk about. In today’s episode, I am grateful to talk to Olivia Howell as she opens up about her own personal story of divorce. Olivia is the co-founder of Fresh Starts Registry, created with the purpose of providing everything needed in one place to navigate life changes and begin again. 


This episodes dives into: 

  • The variety of emotions present during a divorce. 
  • The importance of a support system throughout the process of divorce. 
  • The impact of an unhealthy marriage versus a healthy divorce on children’s mental health. 
  • The shift of long held cultural narratives about the meaning of marriage. 


Guest Info:

Connect with Olivia Howell on Instagram @freshstartsregistry or her website here.