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"It's Okay to Feel Okayish" with Maryellen Dance, LMHC

Let’s normalize feeling just “okay.” All of a sudden, we have an expectation that we need to be happy all of the time, and if we aren’t, we must be doing something wrong.  In today’s episode, I get to reset expectations around mental health with fellow licensed mental health counselor and host of the podcast “Okayish”, Mary Ellen Dance. 


This episodes dives into: 

  • What self-care actually is and what it means.
  • The false expectation that we should be happy all of the time.
  • Managing negative or uncomfortable emotions.
  • The unhelpful influence of social media on our perception of what mental health truly is. 

Guest Info:

Connect with Maryellen Dance  on Instagram @maryellendance or her website here