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"Infertility and Mental Health" with Ali Prato

For today’s episode, I sat down with Ali Prato @infertileafstories to talk about the very important conversation regarding infertility and mental health. Ali courageously shares her own story with secondary infertility, including what she endured during those years both mentally and physically, and how she coped.  From this experience, Ali has fearlessly become an empowered leader within the community in order to normalize the experience of being challenged with infertility, as well as provide a space to be supported. Tune in to hear more!  

This episodes dives into:

  • Ali’s personal journey with infertility and how she coped through this time.
  • Anxiety, PTSD, depression, grief and couples conflict during infertility challenges.
  • Power of community when struggling with infertility.
  • The relational challenges and barriers that occur as a result of infertility struggles.

Guest Info:

Connect with Ali Prato on Instagram @infertileafstories and @fertilityrally or her website here.