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"Healing From the Role of Overachiever in Your Family" with Mary Allard

For today’s episode, I spoke with Mary Allard @maryelizabethallard, co-founder of the Ellement Collective and co-host of the Third Place podcast. Mary shares her story of having very difficult adolescent years in which she struggled with an eating disorder, managed anxiety, perfectionism and overachievement and on top of that was faced with her parents divorced her mother’s diagnosis of breast cancer.

This episodes dives into:

  • Mary’s experience as a high performer, the connection to her family system, how it affected her, and why she created the Ellement Collective to benefit young girls going through similar struggles.
  • How parent’s play a role in how we show up in the world and how the passing of her father brought Mary to redefining accomplishing from passion versus accomplishing from anxiety.
  • Mary shares about her eating disorder, the connection to her perfectionism, and how she has found healing and an ability to advocate for herself.

Guest Info:

Connect with Mary Allard on Instagram @maryelizabethallard or her website here.