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"Juggling Career Ambition and Motherhood" with Lori Oberbroeckling

If you are dying to know how ambitious mothers juggle parenthood, marriage, and a full time career that they love, then today’s episode is for you!  My guest Lori Obreckling is a mom of four, wife, corporate leader and the author of the book “Secrets of Super Mom.” She shares some of her personal strategies on how she tries to juggle it all and tells us some of the secrets of how to get it all done and still be a present parent.


This episodes dives into:

  • The struggle of juggling big career ambitions and being present in motherhood.
  • Finding some semblance of work life balance as a mom.
  • Strategies and tips for moms who are feeling overwhelmed.

Guest Info:

Connect with Lori Oberbroeckling on Instagram @secretsofsupermom or her website here.