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"Parenting a Child with Cancer" with Caitlin Murray

I’m so excited to have Caitlin Murray of @bigtimeadulting on today’s episode! Caitlin uses her platform to share what is difficult about motherhood, highlights the challenges that no one wants to talk about and normalizes it for us with humor. Exuding authenticity in all that she shares, in this episode Caitlin and I discuss her family’s experience of her son’s battle with Leukemia and the many emotional challenges they faced during his journey through treatment. If you need a little inspiration to stay resilient when everything feels out of control,, tune into this episode.

This episodes dives into:

  • Caitlin’s vulnerable story of witnessing her son being diagnosed with cancer.
  • The power of a mother’s intuition.
  • How her anxiety manifested throughout his journey.
  • Coping with mindfulness tools and enhancing self-awareness to manage anxiety.
  • Learning that your fears are not facts.
  • Caitlin shares her wisdom to others who may be going through similar challenges.

Guest Info:

Connect with Caitlin Murray on Instagram @bigtimeadulting.