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"Using Your Values to Guide Your Decisions" with Dr. Cassidy Freitas

I am so thrilled to have Dr. Cassidy Freitas on my podcast.  She is someone I have looked up to since becoming a private practice clinician myself.  Dr. Cassidy not only has her own private practice, but also hosts two podcasts, is an adjunct professor, coach for other therapists and has launched multiple courses. I sat down with Dr. Cassidy to discuss how difficult it can be to make decisions in life. Sometimes we become so overwhelmed with trying to make the right decision, we get stuck and avoid making the decision at all. Whether you struggle with anxiety, perfectionism or just find decisions to be challenging in general, tune in to find out how more on how getting clear on your values can help!

This episodes dives into:

  • How to identify your values.
  • How to use your values to identify your goals.
  • Using emotions as an ally in identifying your values.
  • Using our feelings as a guide to understanding our values.
  • Avoiding rigidity and finding flexibility.
  • Remembering compassion during daily life as well as during life’s transitions.
  • Reflecting on your family of origin, community and other contexts to help you understand where values may stem from.
  • Noticing societal messages and their impact on your values.

Guest Info:

Connect with Dr. Cassidy Freitas on Instagram @drcassidy or her website here.