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"3 Types of Perfectionists" with Nicole Baker

Do you identify as a perfectionist? Do you struggle with perfectionistic thought patterns and behaviors that fuel your anxiety?  If so, tune in and look no further than this episode with life and mindset coach, Nicole Baker!  Nicole tells me all about the three different types of perfectionists and how these types struggle with setting goals. She has the tools to help you actually get done what you intend to do, without getting in your own way. Are you ready to learn how to put your perfectionist tendencies to rest? Tune in for some juicy insights!

This episodes dives into:

  • The three types of perfectionists and how to know your type.
  • The origins and purpose of perfectionism.
  • How to start making personal changes to hit your goals.

Guest Info:

Connect with Nicole Baker on Instagram @lifecoachbaker or her website here.