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"We Are Not Our Thoughts" with Sam Led

On today’s episode, I sat down with podcast host, transformation coach, and author Sam Led of @samledconsulting.  We discussed how we can’t always believe what we think.  We dive into Sam’s personal journey through his own mental health struggles while growing up, and how these challenges have led him to successfully support others. He helps his clients recognize that we each have the power to detach from our thoughts to create a peaceful inner state of well-being.

This episodes dives into:

  • How to tap into your inner intelligence to navigate through your thoughts and have compassion for yourself.
  • The analogy of our brain as a machine that can glitch at times and requires system updates.
  • Finding purpose and strengths outside of the negative thought patterns.

Guest Info:

Connect with Sam Led on Instagram @samledconsulting or his website here. You can also find Sam on YouTube and Tik Tok at Sam Led Consulting and make sure to check out his podcast, The Fearless Now.