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"Unhealthy Relationships with Alcohol in Your Twenties" with Alyssa Pelletier

Currently in the United States, we live in a culture in which binge drinking is normalized, and has been for quite some time.  As a result, young adults and college-age students struggle greatly with unhealthy drinking habits.  For today’s episode, I sat down with recovery coach Alyssa Pelletier @alyssaraetherapy to discuss the impact that alcohol plays on our mind, body, and spirit.  We discuss insights into unhealthy drinking patterns, a common theme of disconnection, practices to combat unhealthy patterns and how recovery coaching can help.  If you have ever questioned your relationship to alcohol, this episode’s for you!

This episodes dives into:

  • Differentiation between unhealthy drinking habits, binge drinking, alcoholism, and high functioning alcoholism.
  • Societal norms, cultural norms, and family systems that make us vulnerable to normalizing unhealthy patterns with alcohol.
  • Tips to recognize you have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and practices to shift your patterns and behaviors.

Guest Info:

Connect with Alyssa Pelletier on Instagram @alyssaraetherapy or her website here.