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“Change is Possible” with Jose Lugo, Founder of We Are All One Stor‪y‬

This conversation really blew me away. In this episode, I spoke with Jose Lugo, founder and lead creative of the platform “We Are All One Story.” Jose shares his own story from being a teenage gang member to changing his life’s path to become a leader and change maker. Jose travels across the country to empower individuals in going from victim to owner in their own story and finding their value as a human. Through vulnerability and bravery, Jose shares with me the darkest parts of his past and more importantly how he overcame these moments. Tune in for wisdom and insights into taking charge of your own story.

This episodes dives into:

  • Jose shares stories of his difficult childhood and how it led him to joining a gang.
  • Association of violence and love.
  • The positive virtues that Jose took away from his time in prison.
  • The power of control in your environment and finding peace.
  • Diversity and division in prison.
  • The power of shifting blame and resentment for forgiveness and love.
  • Prison of the mind.
  • Jose talks through his identity confusion and forming a new sense of self in order to heal.
  • Jose recounts his downward spiral and personal mental health struggles.
  • Finding solace and hope in his spiritual beliefs.
  • Jose’s advice on rebuilding yourself from moments of despair to letting go.

Guest Info:

Connect with Jose Lugo on Instagram @weareallonestory or his website here.