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“I Overcame Cancer In My Twenties” With Survivor Matthew Ode

During today’s conversation on the podcast, I spoke with Matthew Ode, motivational speaker, coach, and cancer survivor. Matthew shares his inspiring story of overcoming cancer, surviving two coma’s and a long journey of recovery. Matt encourages his clients to find empowerment in taking small steps, staying connected to your community and always finding the positive perspective of every situation. Tune in for inspiration and guidance to overcome whatever challenge you may be faced with.

This episode dives into:

  • How his faith helped him maintain resilience in recognizing how to use challenges to his advantage.
  • Matthew shares his story from health to cancer.
  • Matthew urges men to understand the importance and strength of feeling your emotions and remaining vulnerable.
  • How Matthew’s shift in mindset and sense of community gave him strength and resiliency through his cancer treatment.
  • Finding empowerment in considering how your actions will impact others.
  • The power of surrender when you hit rock bottom.
  • Matt’s journey to becoming a motivational speaker and empowerment coach.
  • The power of positivity.
  • Taking failure as feedback.

Guest Info:

Connect with Matthew Ode on Instagram @matty_ode or his website here.