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“Fitness As Empowerment” with Alina Pedraza of Fused Fitness

For this week’s podcast episode, I sat down with Alina Pedraza, owner of Fused Fitness and entrepreneur in the physical wellness field. Alina shares her passion for helping others and her love for cultivating community. We discuss how to empower ourselves in order to not only achieve our fitness goals, but transform our lives. Alina sheds light on the importance of resiliency and getting into the right mindset to lead a more physically and mentally healthier lifestyle.

This episodes dives into:

  • Alina’s journey to becoming the owner of “Fused Fitness.”
  • Her transformation and resiliency through various projects, including owning a gym during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Her passion for helping people and how it keeps her focused.
  • How physical health can empower every area of our lives.
  • Development of empowerment and how Alina incorporates these lessons into her work as a personal trainer.
  • Changing our story and relationships with food and fitness.
  • Allowing ourselves to feel content with where we are on the journey.
  • How your mindset produces results.
  • Alina’s personal tips for prioritizing physical health and exposes all of the choices we actually have!

Guest Info:

Connect with Alina Pedraza on Instagram at either @fusedfit or @alina_machina as well as her websites Fused Fit and Alina Pedraza.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Fused Fit offers online personal coaching, small group training, and online group classes. Visit for more information!