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"Learning to Love Your Anxiety" with Mireya Lopez

I am so excited to talk with Mireya Lopez of the podcast Mothering Anxiety. Mireya gracefully shares her story of living with anxiety, the symptoms she experiences because of it and the tools she uses that have helped her cope. She explains her motto of learning to embrace and love her anxiety, which has helped shift her perspective and manage her symptoms in a healthy way. If you are a person who struggles with anxiety, or has a loved one who struggles with anxiety, this episode is filled with important insight and inspiration.

This episodes dives into:

  • Mireya’s journey through her anxiety and how it showed up for her.
  • Justine & Mireya reflect on Mireya’s childhood and how her anxiety began.
  • Mireya’s family’s response to her anxiety.
  • The effects of people-pleasing on anxiety and learning to be there for yourself.
  • Anxiety while pregnant.
  • Seeking support and finding your true community while coping with anxiety.
  • Mireya’s personal experience in therapy.
  • How Mireya has learned to accept and love her anxiety.
  • Mireya’s shares her mental health routine and tips for others to try!

Guest Info:

You can connect with Mireya on Instagram at @anxiousbutmagicalmama or my website her podcast instagram at @motheringanxietypodcast.

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