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"Intuition vs. Anxiety to Make Decisions" with Josie Rosario, LMSW

Have you ever tried to listen to your gut instinct but you ignore it because fear steps in and you assume it’s just anxiety talking to you? Perhaps you’ve been searching for clarity on how to separate fear from your intuition.  If so, this episode is for you! I spoke with licensed therapist and business coach Josie Rosario, LMSW @joserosarionyc who combines spirituality with mental health to support her community in enhancing their mind-body connection.  Tune in to hear her immense wisdom on how to lean into our intuition when making decisions.

This episodes dives into:

  • Defining intuition, how our body holds and communicates knowledge, and how anxiety can get in the way.
  • The importance of building a connection to your body in order to build intuition and practices to begin.
  • The importance of cultivating spirituality on your own terms in order to develop intuition.
  • The role family of origin plays in our belief systems that can impede on our ability to listen to our intuition.

Guest Info:

Connect with Josie Rosario, LMSW on Instagram @josierosarionyc or her website here.