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"Hidden Causes of Anxiety" with Jodie Ellenor, MSW, BSC, FDN-P

In this episode, I get to chat with functional medicine practitioner and therapist, Jodie Ellenor. She shares how she combines her training as a therapist, functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, and a yoga instructor to help women get to the root cause of anxiety and how she guides them through the journey of healing holistically.


This episodes dives into: 

  • The top hidden causes of anxiety.
  • The difference between functional and conventional medicine.
  • Functional lab tests that can reveal imbalances that can cause anxiety. 
  • Environmental factors that can contribute to physical symptoms and anxiety.


Guest Info:

Connect with Jodie Ellenor on Instagram @healingjourney_services or her website here

Resources Mentioned: 

7 Day Plan to Reduce Anxiety Without Medication 

The Path to Peace

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