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"Post Pandemic Dating with Social Anxiety" with Dr. Christie Kederian

Are you someone that struggles with social anxiety but you also really want a relationship? If so, this episode is made for you!  I got the opportunity to speak with Dr. Christie Kederian @thedatedoctorchristie, who shares her wisdom and knowledge on dating with social anxiety. Dr. Christie is a nationally renowned dating expert who works with clients to empower themselves in order to feel empowered in finding the right relationship. We dive into the positive shifts of dating due to the pandemic, normalize new challenges, the role social anxiety plays, and so much more!

This episodes dives into:

  • Positive dating trends cultivated during the pandemic and cultural shifts on how we connect with potential dating partners.
  • Defining what social anxiety is, how to cope with it while dating, and how to set boundaries to make you feel more comfortable while dating.
  • How to pair your goals and desires with specific strategies and the importance of celebrating small accomplishments with your dating journey.
  • A blueprint for success for dating with social anxiety.

Guest Info:

Connect with Dr. Christie Kederian on Instagram @thedatedoctorchristie or her website here.